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Welcome SteemIt World

Hello Steemians and bitcoin fans. I am interested in learning more about the cryptocurrency world.

To start my sojourn, I opened a Steemit account and am hoping to sell some advertisement for crytocurrency.

To build up steem, I want to sell some advertisements. I do my taxes in US dollars, and calculate prices in dollars. I will start at 25¢ per thousand ads. So, lets say you gave me one Steem and it was worth $3.03. I would multiply 303 * 40 and give you 12,120 ad views.

The ad is a 728x90 response ad (it shrinks to fit small screens) that goes in the upper fold of the page. There should be a sample ad at the top of this page. The ad can be two lines of text or a 728x90 image.

To start, select the ad type and press the "Design Ad" button. If I accept the ad, I will email the approval with payment information.

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