<== Store of the Day for 2017-08-07 ==> is a leading developer of Virtual Private Servers by the UK2 Group.

My Experience

Back in 2008, the UK2 Group expanded its offerings in the United States by purchasing the Utah based company Westhost which I was using to host this site.

Westhost provides of cloud-based hosting. They developed a reputation of quality customer support. After purchasing Westhost, the UK2 Group built new data centers in Salt Lake and expanded its Utah based support team.

VPS now has data centers in New York City Los Angeles, Seattle, Toronto, Chicago, Miami, Atlanta, Vancouver, Dallas, Phoenix, London, Amsterdam, and Salt Lake City.

I've been in the web design business for a few years and don't feel the need to pay extra for technical support. Last year I decided to switch from Westhost's cloud to a virtual private server by VPS.

VPS has two primary options. The VPS Cloud offers robust virtual servers which one can expand from a system with a single core and a 10GB drive to a system with 8 cores and a 160 GB drive.

I chose to use the SSD VPS option. The SSD VPS servers use fast SSD hard drives.

A virtual private server is simply a server sitting on the Internet. To host a web site one has to install the Web Server Software. I use PHP7 and Sqlite3 on the Ubuntu version of Linux. I found tutorials on setting up web servers at AskUbuntu and was up and running quite quickly.

VPS offers assisted start up services. You can also purchase on going technical support.

A few hints on using Use the coupon code GIVEME10 . This gives you a ten dollar credit allowing you to test the service for free. Their tech support team will give you a free SSH certificate if you ask for one.

I am extremely happy with my virtual private server. If you are looking for a full service web host; I would recommend Westhost brand. The two brands have the same tech-support team.

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