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2013 is the Centennial of the Federal Reserve. This anniversary coupled with an ongoing monetary crisis is like to raise interest in the history of money.

Since antiquity people commerce centered around precious metal coins. Notably, the Coinage Act of 1792 set the price of the dollar at a given weight in silver. America kept to this standard until the latter half of the 20th Century.

For the last half century, the United States has adopted an inflationary policy which systematically reduces the value of the dollar.

Inflation has devalued the dollar to the point that the nickel in a 2013 nickel is worth more than a nickel. The copper in a 1981 penny is worth more than a penny. In 1982, the US Mint switched to copper plated zinc pennies.

It is likely that the US government will remove pennies and nickels from circulation. Which means that now is a great time to start a coin collection for pennies and nickels.

This combining of events means that 2013 will be a very interesting year for coin collectors.

The site of the day is Coin Supply Express which provides supplies for coin collectors. I like the Coin Albums for small coins and the Air-Tite Coin Holders for larger precious metal coins.

Elegant Coin Display Boxes
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