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Go Green Solar

With rising energy prices and new production technology, the world is reaching that sweet spot where solar panels are both thermodynamically and economically viable. (The first solar panels required more energy to produce and install the panels than they produced, so they were only viable for off grid applications. The really sweet point happens when solar panels pay off investment costs with a 10 year ROI.)

Go Green Solar is an online provide of new, green solar technologies. The site lets you research different panels, batteries and grid tie ins.

While solar panels are out of reach for most consumers. GoGreenSolar has a few consumer products such as the new 3.3 Watt LED Bulb. These bulbs produce the same light as a traditional 30 Watt Bulb. They do not share the mercury hazard as compact flourescent bulbs. They don't put out much heat either. I am putting these bulbs in the hallway where I simply need enough light to keep from tripping over the dog.

The site also carries products for taking advantage of windpower.

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