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Clicker Training by Karen Pryor

clicker training

Animal training is all about trying to break the species barrier and learning to communicate. Clicker Training is a new way to train your animals. While most people buy clickers as part of their dog training efforts. The principles of clicker training can work with cats, horses, birds and even fish.

Animals learn best through positive reinforcement. A clicker is a small device that you can use to communicate positive re-inforcement between you and your pet. The general idea behind clicker training is to first establish the sound of a click with a reward. The clicker is a more effective training tool than just handing out treats as the clicker communicates approval without distracting the animal. A mechanically produced sound is generally better for training than a voice, as humans tend to use their voices to communicate with other people.

The point of the clicker is to create a language that you can use to communicate with your pet. If you are interested in training your pet, I suggest getting one of the DVDs along with clicker. The DVDs show you the amazing things that you can accomplish with a clicker.

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