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Deposit Photos, Inc.

People prefer web sites that present a multimedia experience.

Adding an image to a blog post can increase both the number of readers and links to the post.

Creating compelling graphics can be time-consuming. Fortunately, stock-photography provides a solution. For a nominal fee (often just a dollar a photo) you can buy the rights to include a professional stock image on your web site. The actual price you pay depends on how many credits you purchase.

Deposit Photos, Inc. is a stock photography site. You can images on a subscription or credit basis.

Since I blog in fits and starts, I tend to buy credits.

It is good practice to credit to the images. I created a little database that shows each image I use and where I post the images. I've used some 240 stock images so far. Here is my Stock Photography Database. If you are a registered user of iRivers.com, you can use this crediting system.

Stock Images
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