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Bees Minting Coins


DALL-E is a project by the OpenAI that uses artificial intelligence to generate images. I bought 115 credits for $15. I then generated the image above of bees minting coins for a post on HIVE for two credits. I will upload all of my images here.

To use DALL-E one must first buy credits. To create an image, a user writes a descriptive line of text. The program will use the chapGPT system to parse the string.

The DALL-E program will then use the description to search a massive online database of images marked with the creative commons license. It will then create a composite image based on the images that it scanned using a variety of filters to assure the generated image appears unique.

Since the images were drawn from sources marked as public domain or creative commons, AI images are likely to avoid intellectual property challenges.

Problems might arise with images that were improperly marked as creative commons. For example, a third party might wrongfully upload images owned by Disney as creative commons in which case the generated image was derivative of a copyrighted work and could be subject to lawsuits.

Currently, courts rule that, since the image creation process does not involve human effort, AI generated images are public domain.

AI as an Alternative to Microstock

AI Generated images provide an interesting altnernative to MicroStock Site. Microstock sites offer large libraries created by professional photographers and illustrators. Professional Microstock sites do a good job assuring that photographers own the copyright of the images and that they have model release forms for the people in the picture.

Who Owns DALL-E?

The OpenAI project began as a non-profit organization that became a for-profit organization when it started realizing profits.

In 2019 the group transitioned to OpenAI Incorporated, which has a for-profit model. They then developed a partnership with Microsoft.

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