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<== An Outsider Look at HIVE ==>

Hive - yintercept

I am currently using HIVE .blog as my primary blogging platform. The site is interesting in that it combines the cryptocurrency HIVE with social media.

All posts and transactions related to HIVE are placed on the HIVE blockchain. The blockchain is independent of the web sites that display the data. The web sites PeakD and access the HIVE blockchain and display my account.

HIVE allows people to execute transactions without a transaction fee. So, I believe that there is long term benefits to this technology.

Unfortunately, it is difficult to find exchanges that will sell HIVE without a fee. So, the future is not quite as rosy as one would hope.

I started using HIVE (which was called at the time) back in 2018. I have earned a few hundred dollars in crypto to date.

This last week, I started a HIVE Community called Review the World. This community will review random web sites on the net along with discussions of the art of link development.


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Site NameHive - yintercept
Review History2020-06-09
Category Internet Rivers: Blogs
Page Views1679

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