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Aptera Motors

I've become mesmerized by the Aptera launch video. Aptera set out to create the most fuel efficient car on the market. The firm concentrated on aerodynamics. They developed a three wheel tear shaped car.

The site claims that their car is more efficient than even a bicycle. The company claims that its initial vehicle was able to get 300 miles per gallon.

The focus on efficiency pays off in multiple ways. The car can drive further on the same battery packs as bulkier cars. It can charge faster.

The most impressive change is that the Aptera has received a level of efficiency that solar panels placed on the exterior of the vehicle can store enough charge on a sunny day to drive 40 miles!

So, on December 4, 2020; Aptera announced that they would be producing the world's first production solar powered vehicle.

The company launched the viral video shown above.

I decided to pre-order the vehicle. The web site has a referral program. This is my referral link. The referral link loads a coupon that reduces the pre-order price from $100 to $70. If a person clicked on my link, registered a pre-order and bought a car before I received my order; I might receive a discount on the car I ordered. (The chances of this happening are extremely low).

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