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<== An Outsider Look at HIVE ==>

Hive IO

HIVE will execute a hardfork on June 30, 2021. In geekspeak a hardfork is a fancy name for "upgrade." The hardfork has the name "equilibrium."

So, for today's review, I thought I would look at Hive IO which is the primary developer portal the HIVE block chain.

The web site includes an introduction to HIVE, links to popular dApps, and a list of active HIVE developers.

The developer section of allows developers to download the API and includes tutorials for the JavaScript, Python and Rubi APIs.

Sadly, the HIVE API was designed exclusively for people interested in making web sites that implement the full feature set of To implement the API, one needs to install BEEM, node.js and other large packages to their server.

I think HIVE would have greater success if it produced a scaled down API set so that people could implement functions such as including a "Pay with HIVE" or "Pay with HBD" function.

The account @hiveio oosts updates about the ongoing development of HIVE.

A Note on SteemIt

One can find The Developer Portal for STEEM on

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