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Proof of Brain

Proof of Brain is a Hive Tribe that supplements HIVE rewards with the POB token. The Scot Bot configuration shows a 50/50 reward split. The coin triggers on the tags: #proofofbrain and #pob

Proof of Brain is one of the most promising tribes as the tribe's name captures the goal of Hive Blockchain experiment.

The goal of the blockchain is to use crypto currency to find a way to reward human interaction on the chain.

The POB Token is relatively new. It started with a minimum of coins and with an inflation rate that gradually tapers off.

People tend to use POB as a generic coin. Most posts list POB along with four or five other tokens on their post. The result of this Tag Spam is that the web site has yet to establish its own identity.

The POB Use Fee

In October, POB started charging a 10% fee for posting on its web site.

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