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<== An Outsider Look at HIVE ==>


Waivio is the latest tribe to join the HIVE ecosystem. The tribe supplements HIVE rewards with [the WAIV token]( The site has a clean interface that appears to have been designed with the Waivio Code on GitHub. So, the design for Waivio precedes most of the tribes.

The site displays all HIVE posts. These are the RTW reviews by this account.

The best part of Waivio is that the site allows people to log into the site with their Google or Facebook account. This allows the public to comment on posts without having to start a Hive account.

Since Waivio is a publishing platform, I will publish full review on Waivio.

The Scot Bot configuration shows that authors receive a 50% reward and the coin triggers on the tags: "waivio, neoxian, palnet, waiv, and food."

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Site NameWaivio
Review History2021-11-06
Category Internet Rivers: Tribes
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