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<== An Outsider Look at HIVE ==>


I've been writing reviews for web sites that interface with the HIVE-Blockchain in the Review The World Community. HIVE rewards bloggers with the crypto-currency HIVE. I admit, I am doing this because I hope to make enough HIVE to be able to fund my own web projects.

The HIVE site VerifyYourBrain just went live today ... December 18, 2020. This tribe supplements HIVE rewards with the VYB Token.

The tribe had an "airdrop" of 1 million tokens on December 17 to kickstart the tribe. It looks like about 300 people received more than 500 staked tokens during the airdrop. This means that the tribe with start with a fairly strong distribution of accounts.

New users might do well in making VYB their home in HIVE.

The web site itself is a bland cookie cutter site. I will complete this review on on

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Site NameVerifyYourBrain
Review History2021-12-18
Category Internet Rivers: Tribes
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