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This is a stub for a review of the web site Neoxian.City. The review goes live on 2/16. Please visit Neoxian City to discuss the review.

NeoxianCity is tribe in the Hive-O-Sphere that supplements HIVE rewards with the NEOXAG token. The tribe appears to favor standard social media fare. The tribe has a Splinterlands Guild and welcomes posts about the game.

Neoxian City was one of the very first tribes to appear in the Hive-O-Sphere. Domain Tools shows that the developers registered this name 948 days ago on 2019-07-07. I do not know what Neoxian mean.

The NEOXAG token has a circulating supply of 47.843 million coins with a maximum of 42 billion. The tribe has a well distributed richlist. When I checked the list, I found 240 accounts with over 10,000 NEOXAG and over 1,150 accounts with over a thousand tokens.

The token was trading at 0.001 at the time of this review. It would be easy for new users to accumulate mass quantities of the token.

I currently have 1837 NEOXAG. Neoxian.City says the estimated value of my upvote is worth 0.182. Scotbot says that half the rewards go to the author and half to the curator; so I should get 0.09 NEOXAG for my upvote.

I have yet to figure out the niche market for My guess is that it is a general interest web site that wants to focus on basic social media posts.

To be frank. I haven't written posts for Neoxian.City because I have yet to figure out what type of content the developers of the tribe want on their site. However, I think it is the ideal tribe for new users who simply want to drop social media posts.

The prefered way to interface with the tribe is through the Neoaxian.City web site. One can include the #NEOXIAN tag on any of the interfaces. Apparently the tribe charges a 20% tax on posts that use alternative interfaces.

I believe that this is the mute list for the tribe. I do not know what content they downvote and mute.

Scotbot says the site excludes posts with the tags: steemhunt, sct, zzan, dlike, and actifit.


This section has notes about the community from comments and posts I encounter:

The account publishes a weekly paper about activities on the tribe.

A post by @ferrate says that Neoxian.City charges a 20% on posts that use the NEOXIAN tag on alternate interfaces. This is to encourage use of the Neoxian.City interface. The posts notes that you can receive an upvote from the bot @neoxiancityvb by sending NEOXIAN to the bot with your link in the memo.

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Review History2022-02-16
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