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Backing up your data is critical.

A tape backup is not sufficient. Ideally, backups should be in a separate location from your main computer. If they are both in the same place, you will lose both copies of your data in the case of a local disaster such as a fire, flood or tornado.

Interestingly, the Internet has turned out to be one of the best and most secure methods for backing up data. Carbonite is a program that encrypts your data then sends it across the Internet to a secure data center. The backup program is entirely automatic and has a simple interface for scheduling the backup and retrieving files.

Carbonite offers a free 15 day trial. You do not need to give your credit card number for the free trial.

For years, I played the game of backing up computers on other computers. I would back up my computer on my parents, etc..

I bought a copy of Carbonite for my parents. I was happy with the way the program backed up files in the background without slowing down the computer. My only complaint was that Carbonite does not do a good job of letting people select files for backing up. It ended up backing up the backup I had on my parent's computer.

Will your survive a computer disaster?
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