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Inflatable Kayaks

I've just completed my second trip through Desolation Canyon on an inflatable kayak. The first trip was at high water. Not just high water for the year, the Green was running at a historic high. It was a bit intimidating running trough 11 foot wave trains in a 10 foot boat.

The second trip occurred, oddly enough, when the Green was reaching historic lows. The river had bottomed out at 638 CFS a few days earlier, and was at about 650 cfs when we started. My inflatable kayak proved to be the most versatile boat in the fleet. We had to drag the 16 foot boat through several of the shallow rapids.

In several hundred miles of river, and about 100 rapids, I have yet to flip the kayak. I like to attribute this success to my great skill as an oars man. The truth is that the boats are quite steady. When I tried rolling the boat for fun, I did not succeed.

The best part of the inflatable kayak is that they are extremely easy to move around and store. Inflatable kayaks fit neatly in the trunk of a car. We need 4 people to move the big ole 16' rubber boat. The inflatable kayaks are small enough that Sea Eagle can ship one in the mail.

When purchasing an inflatable kayak, you will need to get the boat, a kayak paddle (many rivers require that you have a spare paddle so you should get two), a pump, a repair kit, seats and a US Coast Guard approved life jacket. The full package should cost between $500.00 and $1000.00.

Sea Eagle, the link at the top of the page, produces top of the line sea kayaks.

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