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Give the gift of ownership!

One Share offers a fun gift. The site lets you order ornate stock certificates for popular companies such as Disney, Yahoo, Ford Motor Company, etc.

The actual gift is a real legal share in a corporation. The price of the gift is the stock price at the time of the purchase plus a certificate fee which was $39 at the time of this review. If the stock was trading at $61, your price for the gift would be $61 + $39 = $100.

The stock share is a real stock share. So, the certificate retains the price of the stock. Having a physical share of a stock inspires conversations and thoughts about finances and ownership.

When you place your order, the company will offer to sell you a slightly overpriced frame and plaque to adorn your order.

BTW, stock regulations require companies to issue physical printed stock certificates on request. You can often get stock certificates through a company for the price of the stock and a processing fee, although most companies avoid the hassle. There are other avenues for buying and selling single stock certificates.

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