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Hoovers is a leading source for business information and sales leads. The indepth reports provide valuable insight on potential business partners. Savvy sales people (and even job seekers) have learned that it is wise to research business connections before entering any major long term contract.

Hoovers was founded in Austin, Tx in 1990 by Gary Hoover and Patrick J. Spain. Hoovers had previously founded the Bookstop Bookstores and was interested in compiling reference books on businesses. Following the boom of the Internet, Hoovers model leans on selling subscriptions for its reference materials.

Hoovers was purchased by Dun and Bradstreet (a credit reporting group) in 2003. D&B was able to enhance Hoovers reports with addition credit information. Dun and Bradstreet is based in New Jersey and trades on the NYSE with the symbol DNB.

Hoovers provides scant information on select companies for free. The free side includes extra adds and often links to pages only available to subscribers.

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