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Target is a leading discount store offering consumers the ideal balance between style and price. The store has a variety of free shipping options and accepts in store returns.

The company was founded in 1902 by a banker named George Dayton (March 6, 1857 – February 18, 1938). The Presbyterian Church in Minneapolis had burned down in 1893. The parishioners were unable to raise funds. So they sold a portion of their prime lot to George Dayton. Dayton convinced Reuben Simon Goodfellow to move Goodfellow Dry Goods to the location. Goodfellow retired the next year and sold the store to Dayton creating Dayton's Dry Goods Company. The company shortened its name to Dayton Company in 1910.

The store passed to his son Nelson in 1938 and to his grandson Donald in 1950.

Dayton purchased Lipman-Wolfe & Company in 1950. This was a chain of stores started in 1850 during the California Gold Rush.

Dayton created Target discount store in 1962. The first Target opened in Rosewille, Mn. The chain of Target Discount stores grew larger than the Dayton Department stores.

In 1968, Dayton merged with The J.L. Hudson Company of Detroit. Hudsons was founded by Joseph L. Hudson (October 17, 1846 – July 5, 1912) in 1881.

The Dayton-Hudson Corporation went on to acquire Mervyn's in 1978 and Marshall Fields in 1990.

The company began developing its hypermart concept (aka SuperTarget) that includes dry goods and groceries in a single location during the 1990s. The groceries, of course, come through a different distribution channel than the dry goods.

In 2000 Hudson Dayton changed its name to Target Corporation. They rebranded Dayton and Lipp0man stores as Marshall Fields. In 2004 sold Mervyns to private investors, and sold Marshall Fields to Macys.


In 2000, Target formed a partnership with Amazon.com called target.direct to sell goods through both target.com and amazon.com.

Target took complete control of target.com in 2009 with a site relaunch in 2011. You can buy online and pick up and return things at the local store.

Target (NYSE TGT) is headquartered in Minneapolis. In 2011, the company had 1750 stores in 49 states and DC.

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