Community Color - Privacy Policy

The directories in the Community Color family of web sites respects the privacy of its users. As it is customary for web sites to include privacy statements, I've added this page.

Site Description

Community Color is a collection of community web sites for towns in the mountain west. The web sites include an open directory, community calendar, forum and other resources for the communities served.

This collection of sites is currently a sole proprietorship owned by Kevin Delaney-an unemployed and rather useless computer programmer. At this point in time, I do not have a physical address. The easiest way to contact me wis with the contact form on this site. I get a great deal of spam; so I am often late in responding.

The directories allow third parties to add information and links to the site. As such, the directories and calendars include tens of thousands of links to third parties. Community Color has absolutely no control over the information or policies of these third parties.

Information Collected by Community Color

I suspect that the biggest privacy issues revolve around any information that I or my advertisers gather about usage of the site, and what we do with that information. I will start the privacy discussion of the information that I collect.

My basic philosophy is to collect the information needed to complete a task and no more.

Information I Track

Since I am interested in learning which areas of the site get used and which are ignored, I maintain hit counters on the directories. (See stats.) The hit counters show the number of directory and calendar views.

In some cases, I am interested in the performance of a given link. In this case, I direct the link through a program called lnk.php. When you mouse over a link, the URL will have the form lnk.php?link_id=xxx, where xxx is a number. Lnk.php records the link_id, IP address and timestamp of a click. This information lets me track usage of the site. A reverse IP look up will show me the ISP that owns the IP.

Only certain links go through the link tracking program. You can see the links that go through lnk.php when you mouse over the link.


Most of my "advertisers" are affiliate programs. These programs pay me a commission on sales generated from my site. I strive to identify the advertisers. When advertisers appear in the directory, they are marked with the code "???". In other cases I simply use the advertiser's banner ad, or a block of code from the advertiser.

The existence of advertisers on this site brings up the biggest privacy concerns on this site. Many advertisers have their own internet tracking mechanism. Advertisers are able to track when and where people display their banners which gives them the ability to make large usage profiles of their customers.

Anonymous Comments

To make the site more entertaining, I allow anonymous users to rate or drop comments on links. When you rate a link, I record the link_id, rate, IP address and any comment that you leave for the link. Recording the IP address allows me to prevent a person from rating the same link multiple times. These ratings and comments get displayed at different places in the program. For example you can see comments on Salt Lake - World Beat music.

User Accounts

Community Color is a collection of open directories that allow end users to add items to the forum, directory and calendar. To add Items, you must register. The registation process asks you to select a user name, for your first name, last name, a password and email address. The email address is optional. I use the PHP password() to encrypt the passwords. This prevents me from knowing your password.

Currently, the only thing I use the email address for is the forum. When you leave a forum message, you have the option of having comments emailed to you.

I might have a newsletter in the future. Any newsletter would use a double opt in procedure, and each email would include a unsubscribe link.

Link Message

Rather than sitting around waiting for people to add links to the site, I actually go out and proactively add web sites to the directory. If a web site has a contact email address for the web site, I will send an email to the contact address that gives the owner of the site an opportunity to change or delete the link.

For the most part, web owners are appreciative of my efforts to inform them of the link and in giving them the opportunity to change or delete the link. I often make mistakes in links that the web site owner corrects. In some cases, people consider the message spam. My thoughts are that if you leave an email address on a site soliciting comments on the site, that it is apropriate to send messages about links to that address.

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