Tracking Details for Ad #49

This report shows tracking details for ad 49 (tire rack). The ad updates every other hour. The "Y" column shows if ad is currently assigned to the target, The "IPs" row shows unique IPs. "Views" show unique Page Views. I charge $25.00 for 100,000 page views. Hits is the hit count.

Target Hits
Web SiteTargetYStartEndIPsViewsHits
Arizona ColorAuto ServiceY6/9/20217/30/20211921
Mohave CountyAuto ServiceY6/8/20218/2/202133432
Phoenix ColorAuto ServiceY6/8/20218/2/202170181
Pima CountyAuto ServiceY6/8/20218/1/20214972
Santa Cruz CountyAuto ServiceY6/8/20217/30/202118264
Yuma CountyAuto ServiceY6/10/20218/1/202115209
Denver ColorAuto ServiceY6/9/20218/2/2021861332
Grand JunctionAuto ServiceY6/8/20218/2/20212022
Cedar CityAuto ServiceY6/9/20217/30/202134409
Logan UtahAuto ServiceY6/10/20217/31/202128392
Park City, UtahAuto ServiceY6/8/20218/2/2021117219
Salt Lake SitesAuto ServiceY6/7/20218/2/20212027252
Utah ColorAuto ServiceY6/7/20218/2/202124321


The sites have displayed this ad 1573 times. I have tracked 31 hits. This is a click through rate of 2.0 percent.