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KÜHL offers a brand of outdoor clothing created by outdoor enthusiasts.

The company began in 1983 when John “Alf” Engwall created the ultimate polar fleece ski cap called the Alf Hat.

The company itself was founded in a house in Emigration Canyon by John "Alf" Engwall, Kevin Boyle (who had lived in a snow cave so that he could go skiing) and Conrad Anker (who decide to leave business to become a world class mountaineer.

Alf Engwall died in a car accident. Anker climbed Mount Everest. The company continued be headed by Boyle who changed the corporate name to K¨HL which is German for "cool."

The company is noted for durable outwear that keeps people warm (people who lived snow caves know a lot about warm). They also have shirts and shorts for men and women designed for adventure in the great outdoors.

The video talks about the Kü design philosophy. It brings up an interesting observation that corporate offices tend to be sparsely populated on good powder days. This would be a big problem for most companies, but management usually is usually absent on powder days as well.

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