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Boutique Animi Causa

Boutique Animi Causa offers a truly fun selection of decorative items. This ecletic selection runs from furniture and wall decals to whimsical items for the kitchen.

The company offers free shipping worldwide. Below is a sampling of items from their share-a-sale catalog:

Key Pete

The Magnetic Man.
Superstrong and stylish...Read More

Wine Bottle Holder

Wine bottle holder made of a nickel
plated iron chain.
The chain is curved upwards to hold
the bottle...Read More

Wall Decals - yan-shuf

Interior wall decoration made of ultra thin vinyl...Read More

Chouchou Table

This table absorbs your personality...Read More

Business Card Holder - Naked Woman

The business card holder contains two spots
for hanging...Read More

Wine For Your Life - Wine Holder

A humorously designed wine holder in the shape of a
man and a woman running away from a heavy something
(a bottle) that seems to be falling on them.

Size: 28 cm length...Read More


Decorative nail-in cable clips with a difference.
Makes unsightly cables come to life!

H20 x W14.5 x D3.5cm

Pack contains 12 leaves and 1 red bird.
nails and adaptors included.

...Read More

Woodstock Containers

Ideal for storing food...Read More

Feel Seating System Deluxe - $4,200.00

The Feel Seating System is stylish luxury.

PaperCat Folding Figures

4 amazing paper folding figures in a beatiful booklet.

...Read More

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