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eat healthier with the Spring System

Bright Agrotech

Bright Agrotech is home of the Zip Grow towers used in vertical gardening. These durable towers allow you to grow vegetables in a restricted space with a minimal amount of water.

Bright Agrotech is also a pioneer in the exciting new field of aquaponics. Aquaponics combines a Zip Tower (or other forms of hydroponics) with a fish tank. What you do is circulate the water from the fish tank through the zip towers. Plants thrive on the waste produced by fish and fish thrive in the water filtered by plants. Combining zip towers and fish tanks brings backyard gardening to a whole new level.

The video shows how to unpack and install the Spring System. The Spring System costs about $350. You can buy the towers separately which are current about $50 for a three foot tower and $60 for a 5 foot tower.

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