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Bittrex - Cryptocurrency

Bittrex is an exchange for trading cyber-currencies. The site has trading pairs for popular coins.

I started using the exchange for transferring money from my SteemIt and HIVE accounts. HIVE and SteemIt are blogging platforms that reward users with tokens.

Because exchanges facilitate micro transactions, I am considering creating a crypto based rewards program for this site.

My very first transaction was transferring $2.10 from HIVE to my bank. The fees charged on the transaction were negligible.

While I would not recommend investing in crypto currencies, I do believe that people should establish free accounts at exchanges as I suspect that crypto will become an important aspect of our online lives.

Using Bittrex, I was able to create wallet address for Bitcoin. A person can send me Bitcoins using this address: 1EdZo3TJhRjC3vJNmrgQhQothHrxnpeTq8 .

The transaction fees are substantially lower than Paypal or credit cards. For this reason, I've added crypto as an option for buying ads on this site.

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