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HIVE is an online community built around a blockchain. The chain rewards members with a variety of crypto currencies including HIVE, LEO and POB. This is a fun idea as it means that people can make money blogging!

Unfortunately, HIVE has a reputation of being hard on new members.

Fortuantely, there are many accounts like @giftgiver, @dustbunny and @dustsweeper that provides services for small accounts.

The site GiftGiver gives delegations and they provide a demonstration project called a faucet.

GiftGiver Delegation

The HIVE blockchain rewards users with the crypto currency called HIVE.

New accounts start with zero HIVE. HIVE is a cryptocurrency. It has real monetary.

The site cannot just give free HIVE to all users; otherwise, spammers would create fake accounts just to collect the initial payment.

Unfortunately, new users need HIVE POWER to be able to write posts and interface with the blockchain. I created the new account @irivers. I gave the account only 2 HIVE POWER. This new account only has resources to write a single post a day ... which is sufficient for my needs.

Gift Giver generously gives HIVE POWER delegations to new users. New users need simply visit and enter their account name. The gift giver team will examine the account and dole out delegations to new accounts.

A delegation is simply an interest free loan. The typical delegation is about 15 HP. This gives accounts sufficient resources for about 50 posts. I understand that the delegation lasts for about a week which is enough time for new users to collect the first rewards from their introductory posts.

The GiftGiver has an an discord server.

GiftGiver Faucet

The GiftGiver Site has a demonstration "faucet." New users can go to the GiftGiver Faucet, enter their account name and verify that they are human. The site might then drop 0.003 HP into their account.

I like the design of the faucet tool and think that it would work well for any online marketing campaign. You could pay people HIVE to read an advertisement. The faucet would work like the Basic Attention Token given by the Brave Browser.

GIFT Token

The group issued the GIFT token. They don't appear to be doing anything with it at the moment.

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