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<== An Outsider Look at HIVE ==>

An Outsider View of HIVE Onboard

An Opening Comment about HIVE

HIVE is a truly strange place. It is a distributed social media platform built around a decentralized blockchain.

It is important to understand that The HIVE Blockchain is a database that exists outside of a corporate structure. Since there isn't a corporate structure, the platform lacks some of the features common to corporate web sites.

Notably, there is not a standard structure for creating and supporting new accounts.

One creates a new account with call to the API. Creating an account costs a small amount of resource credits of a little bit of HIVE.

Since there is not a central corporate structure; there is not a single way to create accounts. You will find multiple sites offering account creation services, each with different features.

An Outsider Look at HiveOnboard

HIVE Onboard is a site by the @hiveonboard team for creating accounts.

The site has infographics that introduces HIVE, an account creation tool and a a short list of dApps. (ahem, the list of HIVE resources this site is more inclusive)

The account @HiveOnboard-Log shows the accounts created through their tool each day. They appear to create a score of accounts a day.

NOTE: I created my account @irivers through BlockTrades. I was not listed in their report; so I assume that @hiveonboard-log only shows accounts created with their tool.

The account creation page asks for a VIP Ticket. Apparenly this ticket will allow a user to bypass the telephone verification process, I do not know if it brings other benefits to an account.

The site is integrated with HIVE Keychain. The integration streamlines the process of importing your keys into the keychain.

HiveOnboard Referral Program

HiveOnboard has a "referral program." The program will create a link that includes the a question mark and the referrer account name. I added ?ref=yintercept to the links from this page.

The referrer is listed in the @hiveonboard-log report. Apparently the system sets up the referrer as a default beneficiary for posts on and some other tribes. A referrer will get part of the revenue for posts until the new user figures out how to reconfigure the beneficiaries.

Here is a Video

The Youtube video below, by MarketSquare, discusses HiveOnboard.

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