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<== An Outsider Look at HIVE ==>

Hive-Engine Explorer

HIVE is a tough place for new users. Sadly, only a few of the large accounts upvote small accounts, and it extremely difficult for new users to earn HIVE.

There is a growing number of alt-coins in the HIVE ecosystem. New users might find it easier to earn these alt coins than HIVE.

My goal for the outsider look at HIVE series is to examine the richlist and other details of the alt-tokens to help new users find the communities where they will thrive.

Note, @irivers is a brand new account that has very few coins. I have over 100,000 coins in my personal account @yintercept.

Hive Engine Richlist

My favorite feature of HE Explore is the HIVE engine richlist.

Hive-Engine Explorer on displays all of the transactions on HIVE-Engine. You can see your transactions on HIVE Engine by appending your account name to the end of the link. This URL shows my transactions.

To view the richlist for a token, just append the token at the end of the url: . For example the string shows the richlist for the LEO token.

You earn tokens when you interact with people on the richlist. The token rewards you receive are proportional to the tokens held by the people in the richlist.

So, what you want to do is find tokens that have a strong middle class and has people with whom you would like to interact.

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