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<== An Outsider Look at HIVE ==>

An Outsider Look at PeakD

There is a growing number of web sites connected to the HIVE blockchain; so, I decided to write reviews for these sites.

PeakD is a HIVE interface designed by GUI specialists. This full service site includes all of the primary functions of including the ability to navigate all of the communities and users on the blockchain along with a full functioning wallet.

As the site was designed by GUI experts, the site is easier to navigate than many of the other interfaces and includes additional helpful features. For example, the wallet displays the current exchange rate for HIVE. The upcoming payout pay shows total anticipated payouts. My favorite feature it that it shows rewards calculated to three digits instead of two.

The activities page allows users to filter the activity list by activity type; so you can better analyze your incoming votes and curation rewards.

The site interfaces with advanced features like Pizza rewards and tips.

The tool page includes a charts and graphs that summarize user activity and account growth.

The site includes some advanced features and reports. The graph indicates that I happen to be the only person who upvotes my posts. hhhhmmmm.

My Personal Use

I tend to write most of my posts on HIVE (unless I have a reason to write the post on a tribal site.

I find that PeakD is the best place to host a HIVE community. I've been publishing most of the posts Review the World community on HIVE.

PeakD History

The PeakD project started as SteemPeak on the STEEM blockchain. SteemPeak still navigates the STEEM blockchain. But, like most people in the community, the developers had to abandon their work on STEEM after Justin Sun's hostile takeover of the block chain.

The @peakd account has posts about the latest updates.

Video of New Features

This video by Jarvie shows new features on PeakD. The video is a little slow. A large part of the video is about a curation problem that occurred with HF25, but is no longer relevant.

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