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Big Shot Bikes

Big Shot Bikes, out of Fort Collins, creates custom fixies. These single gear bikes are tuned for urban riding where one needs to start and stop regularly without fumbling through gears.

Fixies are popular with bike messenger services as they are quick on the go and are less likely to break down en route.

Historically, single speed bikes were simply cheap, heavy entry level bikes. Big Shot is changing that paradigm by designing the best possible fixed wheel bikes from carbon fiber components and with quality gears designed for fixed wheel bikes.

Because you aren't shifting between gears, the gears on fixies have deep teeth and a better quality chain.

While ten speed bikes might still be the best ride for long distance cross country ventures, Big Shot Bikes are often better for commutes and urban riding where control and reliability are more important than the ability to ride at a set cadence.

Big Shot Bikes
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