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Linkshare is one of the first and largest affiliate networks. They include top including Walmart, Best Buy, Crocs, PetSmart and numerous name brands and leading ecommerce sites.

Linkshare was one of the first major networks to take a strong stand against parasiteware and has developed a reputation as a better than average network.

On the down side. Linkshare does not provide earnings metrics for their network; so there is no way for an affiliate to know if a given program is legitimate or not. The only way to figure out if a program in the Linkshare network is on the up and up is to run 20,000 ads or so and see if you get paid anything.

For several years, the company has been promising to provide consolidated payments and ACH (money transfers). Although this is not a difficult programming tasks, and ACH actually is less expensive than cutting checks, Linkshare has been unable to deliver on the promise.

Overall, you will find some of the best merchants on the Net in the LinkShare program.

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