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Nextiva is a cloud based communication firm with headquarters in Phoenix. The company has a 315,000 square foot data center in Phoenix with additional data centers around the country.

Nextiva offers communication solutions for businesses ranging from a single employee to large enterprises with thousands of employees in multiple locations.

Nextiva Connect is a virtual PBX in the cloud. This entry level system does not require additional hardware. You simply point a toll free or local telephone number to the Nextiva Cloud. The virtual PBX will allow you to set up multiple extensions with complex call forwarding rules.

Nextiva Connect includes voice messaging system that you can manage from your phone or through your personal computer. The Nextiva vFax system will convert faxes to TIFF images that you can view online.

The starting price (checked on 8/20/17) was $8.95/mo billed annual. Note Nextiva Connect is an ideal service to use as a web site contact number.

Nextiva Drive is a cloud based drive that you can use for back ups or sharing data.

Nextiva Enterprise Solutions

Nextiva offers a variety enterprise communication solutions that include PBX and VoIP technology.

A PBX (Private Box Exchange) is a telephone switch that one installs in a local office. VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a system that converts telephone signals into packets which are sent through an Internet connection.

VoIP was a huge deal back in the 1990s. Traditional phone systems required a direct line and a continuous connection between the caller and receiver. VoIP technology compressed calls into compressed packets that used only a fraction of the bandwidth of traditional calls. The cost of a long distance calls dropped from over a dollar a minute to under a penny a minute.

The TCP/IP protocol makes it possible to send complex signals such as video through the internet.

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