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<== An Outsider Look at HIVE ==>

GitHub - OpenHive

The HIVE blockchain is a datastructure that is distributed over a network of computers called witnesses. Multiple witnesses look at and verify each block of transactions.

Members of HIVE vote for the witnesses who get paid with some of the interest on the HIVE currency.

On 2021-06-30, the witnesses upgrade their code base to Hard Fork 25.

HIVE is an open sourced project. One can download the code for the witnesses from Git Hub. In celebration of a successful upgrade, I decided to make the OpenHive code on GitHub the site of the day.

This is the code run by the witnesses. The public at large does not execute this code on their computers. However, it is beneficial to be able to examine the code used by the blockchain.

HIVE publishes APIs for JavaScript and Python which I will examine on a later date.

I understand that the biggest change will come in the curation calculation. In the last version of the code, the curators who voted closest to 5 minutes after publication date got a higher percentage of the rewards.

The problem with this design was that computers are better at timing their upvotes. That meant that human curators would earn less for their work than bots.

The Hardfork will suspend the witness votes of inactive accounts which will make it easier for new witnesses to become active.

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