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Blurt Blog

For the Review the World community, I am writing reviews of web sites in the SteemIt and HIVE sphere.

Blurt is a Block Chain created as a fork of SteemIt a year ago. Blurt gave air drops to most SteemIt users.

So, if you had a SteemIt account in June 2020; you probably have a Blurt account.

As Blurt is forked off an open source project, the platform can develop different ideas.

The most interesting feature of Blurt is that the platform charges fees for interacting with the block chain.

I am not sure how they use the fees. I assume they are using the fees to pay for infrastructure.

In contrast, HIVE and STEEM pay for the infrasctructure through inflation of the currency.

Charging fees should increase the rewards for posts and decrease the inflation problem endemic on STEEM and HIVE.

The fees also discourages spam and encourages users to buy BLURT.

The fees are rather weird. says they have an "Operation Flat Fee" of 0.001 BLURT and a "Bandwidth Fee" 0.15 BLURT. They don't define bandwidth.

Fortunately, the always tell you the fee before an action.

I just executed an upvote. I have 1237 BLURT POWER. The screen said my upvote was worth 0.35 BLURT. The fee for voting was 0.018 BLURT. I believe that they are using a 50/50 split between the author and creator rewards. So, I should get a 0.17 curation reward for the upvote.

The fees for uploading posts are confusing. Apparently it changes based on the size of the post. I will write a post and tell you how much they charged.

The fees also have the positive effect of reducing spam. Unfortunately, the high fees make life tougher for outsiders like me. My average reward on SteemIt was about 0.02 a post.

I blurted some posts with the @yintercept handle. The posts received zero upvotes and I realized that, if I stayed on blurt, I would quickly exhaust my funds.

My suggestion is if you are interested in using, you should buy a big hand full of BLURT. People are usually willing to upvote people with a sizeable voting power.

My Experience Buying BLURT

The Blurt Swap engine charges a 1% fee to transfer funds with a minimum fee of 10 BLURT. This post says that, the swap address for Steem-Engine is @blurtcoin and the swap address for Hive-Engine is @blurtlink. Simply put the destination account in the memo.

I sent some BLURT to @blurtcoin from Steem-Engine. The funds simply disappeared. I suspect the service was down at the time.

I tried two transactions on Hive-Engine. I sent 1000 BLURT to @blurtlink and receive 990 BLURT in my account.

A few days later I sent another 1000 BLURT to the account. This bounced back for some odd reason. I waited a day and sent it again. This time the money simply disappeared.

The administrators were indignant when i told them what happened, and I stopped using the platform.

I love the name blurt. It looks like it would be a fun place for a group of people to blog. Their swap service is iffy. I personally would not want to risk substantial funds on the platform.

A Video Introduction

Here is a video introduction to Blurt.

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