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<== An Outsider Look at HIVE ==>

Rice-Eccles Stadium


I am writing reviews for the sites that interact with the HIVE blockchain.

SportsTalkSocial is a HIVE tribe with casual posts that follow the wide world of sports. The tribe rewards posts that use the tag "sportstalk" with the SPORTS token.

The Hive Engine Exchange shows that there's over a hundred billion of a possible 10 Trillion Sports tokens in existance. Since the price of a token is determined by the total number of tokens in distribution, one would expect the price to be quite low. It was trading at 0.00027 HIVE when I visited the exchange in July, 2021.

Of course, the distribution of the token matters more than the price of the token. The SPORTS richlist shows that there is a promotion account that can dole out rewards. There is also a strong middle class of users showing that the token is not dominated by a few accounts.

Here is the review post on Sports Talk Social.

ScotBot Configuration

The Scotbot Configuration Page shows the token has 50/50 split between authors and curators. The token triggers on the tag SPORTS and the Sports Talk Social Tribe.

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