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Punks on Hive

Punks on HIVE by Blockhead games is one of the first NFTs built on the HIVE blockchain. The punk collection includes 10,000 pixel art punks optimized to be avatars on the platform.

@PunksOnHIVE advertised that they would mint the punks for 20 HIVE during HIVE Festival. The group sold out. Previously minted punks are listed for resale. The sale prices are quite high. I suspect that many people listed the punk just to show off that they bought one.

I decided to buy a punk and made it the avatar for the @irivers account. I wrote a review on purchase on the site.

The term NFT stands for "Non Fungible Token." An NFT is a token that exchanges on a blockchain. NFT art often refers to a combination of an NFT token and a digital art file. The token often includes a hash of the file.

The picture below shows the punk I purchased.

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