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<== An Outsider Look at HIVE ==>

HIVE Discord Servers

Hive is a social media platform built on a distributed blockchain. The HIVE blockchain is also an experiment in distributed governance based on a Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) voting mechanism.

HIVE promoters argue that a platform employing a distributed structure and governed by DPoS is less likely to engage in censorship than a centralized entities like Facebook and Twitter.

Since HIVE is a social media platform; one would expect conversations about the governance of HIVE to take place on HIVE. Oddly, many of the discussions about governance take place on Discord.

Discord, developed by a company called Hammer and Chisel is a messaging platform created by gamers who wanted an offline chat service so that players could coordinate strategies in multiple player games.

HiveWatchers and Discord

HiveWatchers is a group formed to protect HIVE from copyright abuse and identity theft. Apparently HIVE watchers discusses the accounts that they want to target on a discord server. People who are targeted by the spaminator bot must appeal on a discord server.

Since HIVE is a transparent social media platform, I believe that the appeals should take place on HIVE and not on some centralized discord server.

HIVE Related Discord Servers

Since the governance of HIVE appears to be set on discord servers, I decided I should start listing related discord servers.

Note, I drew many of the above links from posts by @antisocialist. I asked for permission to use the links.

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