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Yelp is a site from San Francisco offering enhanced yellow page listings that include user reviews, maps and local deals. The user review section allows for social networking at a local level. The company trades on the NYSE with the symbol: YELP.

Most of the reviews are legitimate and can give you a heads up on which restaurants to visit and which services to purchase (or avoid). Yelp is large enough that many people have started using the review section for local social networking.

The program will invite you to join the site and begin leaving your reviews.

As with all sites that allows end user reviews, a large number of the reviews are suspect. Local business owners have a tendency to rate their business high and their competitor low. Of course listings on any site are suspect.

To be frank, I decided to link to the Yelp local deal pages because Yelp has an affiliate program with Commission Junction. This program promises to give me a portion of each local deal sold.

The local deal section lets you buy gift certificates for local services and restaurants online at discounted prices. I like giving gift certificates at presents. I prefer to give certificates to small local companies than to big businesses.

If someone clicks on the link and buys the deal, I might get a commission. Commission Junction reports that the commission comes to about a penny a click. I anticipate making $8 per year from this affiliation. I will use the money to pay my hosting fees.

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