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<== An Outsider Look at HIVE ==>

An Outsider Look at TrafficInsider

I decided to write reviews for web sites interfacing with the HIVE blockchain under the banner: An Outsider View of HIVE. The reviews will also appear on the Review the World Community.

There is a growing number of "Tribal Web Sites" associated with HIVE. The sites tend to present a cookie cutter interface with HIVE. They then supplement HIVE rewards with alt coins.

Some of the tribes are doing quite well; However, I think it is best to start an investigation of this style of site by looking at some that are struggling.

My Take on TrafficInsider was one of the first groups to issue an alt coin and establish a tribal web site. The site supplements posts that use the tag "trafficinsider" with the TIX coin.

My first observation about this site was that the site seems to lack focus. I could not find an about page or any page describing what the creators of the site want to accomplish.

The site doesn't publish contact information, not does it tell me the account that created this web site.

The info bar for the site says that there are currently 33.2 TIX in circulation with a maximum of 10 Billion TIX. Hive Engine shows zero trades in the last 24 hours.

At the time of this review, the coin was trading at 0.00003 HIVE. According to Coingecko, HIVE was trading at $0.318 which means that a TIX was worth $0.00000954. A thousand TIX was worth less than a penny!

Examining the Created Page, I see that the TrafficInsider site receives only a couple of posts a day.

This site appears to be struggling.

I think that the best way to see the problem is to look at the TIX's richlist. IF you sort the richlist by "staked" value, you will see that the top ten accounts control 99% of the staked votes.

There are sites with several million in unstaked TIX. If the price of TIX were to rise, these accounts are likely to dump their holdings.

Simply adding a cyber token to a cookie-cutter web site does not result in instant riches.

That said, I do not think that examining TrafficInsider is a total waste of time. The provides a great example of what happens when the ownership of a token is too unbalanced.

While this HIVE tribe is clearly struggling, it might be able to turn things around if the insiders of trafficinsider created a focus of the site and did something to address the imbalance in the distribution of the tokens.


The ScotBot configuration page shows the token has a 50/50 split between curators and authors. The token triggers on the tag "trafficinsider" and the Traffic Insider community.

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