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<== An Outsider Look at HIVE ==>


LeoFinance is undoubtedly the best promoted and most popular tribe in the HIVE ecosystem. The tribe supplements HIVE rewards with the LEO token.

The LEO Richlist shows a strong middle class with 400 accounts sporting a thousand or more staked token and over 1100 accounts with over 100 staked tokens. This means that it is possible for users who write relevant posts to get rewards.

The tribal tags are "leo" and "leofinance." They want posts about investments.

LEO has a history of supporting new users. Users who post their introductory post on LeoFinance are apt to receive quality upvotes; however, the community does not tolerate irrelevant cotent. There's over 500 accounts in the LEO mute list and I understand that they actively downvote accounts that post irrelevant content in the forum.

The tribe also offers wrapped LEO which exchanges on Etherium and bleo which trades on Binance.

LeoFinance has a custom coded web site with its own navigation structure and advanced features.

The community has developed a variety of other crypto related web sites including LeoDex (which is a fully functioning HIVE based exchange), HiveStats (a stylish blockchain explorer), LeoPedia which has articles about cryptocurrency and CUB defi which is an innovator in the field of decentralized finance.

The sites run advertisements. I understand that the tribe uses the ad revenue to buy and burn LEO tokens.

A Focus on Finance

The primary focus of LeoFinance and the rapidly expanding world of Decentralized Finance. One will find a huge number of posts touting LEO Finance on LeoFinance.

The web site is a great place to learn about cryptocurrency. One will find a great deal of hype and there appears to be a few people engaged in pump and dump schemes for LEO and other currencies.

My Experience

I currently have 117 Staked LEO. The vote value of my 100% upvote is 0.012 LEO. Which is decent.

I've purchased 63.96 LEO for 63.20 HIVE. My average purchase price is 0.99. I've sold 4.1 LEO for 9.07. The average purchase price is 2.21 HIVE.

I guess that means that I've earned 57.14 LEO for about 20 posts and a few hundred comments.

The Scotbot configuration page shows the token has a 50/50 split between curators and authors.

A Video About LEO

The video is a weekly update on LeoFinance's youtube channel. I could not find channels on or 3speak. I will keep looking for a better view.

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