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<== An Outsider Look at HIVE ==>

1UP Zone

I am writing reviews for web sites in the HIVE Ecosystem. HIVE is a blockchain that rewards people for writing posts.

There are several groups which are building Games on the HIVE platform.

For today's review I would like look at 1UP which is a HIVE tribe that hosts discussions of HIVE related games. The tribe rewards participants with the ONEUP token. ONEUP is a relatively new token that has issued about 2 million of a potential 3 billion tokens so far.

As is a public forum, i finished the review on

The Scot Bot configuration page shows that authors receive a 50% reward and the coin triggers on the tags: oneup,nft,splinterlands. It also rewards the Rising Star Games and Axie Buzz communities.

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Site Name1UP
Review History2021-11-08
Category Internet Rivers: Tribes
Page Views672
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