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Ace Hardware is a cooperative with over four thousand independent hardware stores. A cooperative is different from a franchise. A franchise is owned by a corporation that licenses out the franchise's name and resources. A cooperative is owned by the members of the cooperative. Since a business cooperative is owned by the stores participating in cooperative, the stores in the cooperative are likely to be a bit more independent than franchise stores. In other words, you will find a lot more diversity in Ace Hardware stores around the nation than you will find with Wendy's franchises.

In my opinion, this is a good thing.

The Ace Hardware web sites offers an astonishingly large selection of hardware, furnishings and items for the home. The selection is substantially larger than the items on display at my local Ace Hardware Store. My local Ace Hardware does not have a large automotive section, or houseware section. The web site does.

The web site offers free Site to Store shipping. This is great for large items. For example, I bought a lawnmower online and used the in store shipping. It took three days for the lawnmower to arrive in store.

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