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Ace Hardware

Ace Hardware is a retail cooperative with over five thousand independent hardware stores.

A cooperative is different from a franchise in that the stores in the cooperative own and control the core structure of the business; Where as, in a franchise, the core corporation owns and controls the structure of the business and exercises a great deal of control over the local franchises.

The cooperative structure gives the member stores more leeway in creating their own individual store. For example, one will often see an Ace Hardware store embedded in a Lumber Yard. Such stores would be geared toward constructions. Others might be in a urban mall and geared more to providing dry goods for home living.

Because stores determine their own inventory the distribution channel for Ace is actually larger than for cookie cutter hardware stores.

This makes the Ace Hardware web site extremely interesting. The site has a deep inventory and, since Ace has regular deliveries to your local store, you can order online and receive free shipping!

The only problem is that, since Ace Hardware is still geared towards the retail model, the web site is really hard to navigate.

Ace Pictures

These are pictures of Ace Stores that I've encountered in my travels.

Ace Propane Tank Olympus hills Mall - SLC Holladay Ace Hardware Ace Hardware

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