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Established in 1967, Chick-fil-A is an expanding chain of fast food restaurants from Atlanta serving fried chicken based dishes. The franchise has grown to over 1600 restaurants by mid 2012. Chick-fil-A built on the success of an establishment called Dwarf Grill by the same group established in 1946.

The company produced a series of funny commercials and billboards with cows promoting the message "Eat mor chiken"

For the first several decades, Chick-fil-A was primarily a mall based operation. It recent years, it has expanded the number of free standing stores.

The founder of the company, S. Truett Cathy, is noted for a strong Christian faith. The stores reflect this commitment in community service and a policy of being closed on Sunday to observe the Sabbath and holidays.

The video below features Tim Hawkins singing a parody about his love for Chick-fil-A.

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