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I built the community color family of web sites specifically to promote local web development. The local web site directories are slowly evolving into community directories. To make the directories more complete, I wanted to include links to the various regional organization and companies that do business in multiple cities.

Mom and pop stores are likely to have one location in one town. A large retail company or charitable organization is likely to have locations in multiple towns. I quickly realized that adding direct links in each directory for large organizations would give the mom and pop shops a distinct disadvantage; So, I've started creating profile pages for the large organizations.

When the heaquarters of a company profiled exists in a Community Color town, I will place the profile on that town's domain. Otherwise, I will list the profile on Internet Rivers. The focus of this project is to provide information on local communities. Multinational firms play an important role in the local community. My goal is to create a structure that recognizes this role while maintaining the primary focus on the local community.

These profile pages are provided for informational purposes only. The information is current as of the time I wrote the profile. You should click through to referenced pages for current information. Those companies with which I have an affiliate relation are marked as such.

If you are shopping online, I invite you A Fountain of Bargains which lists those companies with which I have an affiliate relation. aFOB provides the much needed financial resources to fund this project!

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