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Lane Bryant

Lane Bryant is a fabulous fashionable success. The store built its name by designing fashions for people shaped women. They target sizes 14-28. To be frank, I think the idea of designing the clothes to fit people is much more intelligent than the Madison Avenue approach of designing fashions for super models and expecting that women will contort themselves to fit the fashions.

Lane Bryant was founded by Lena Bryant in 1904. Apparently, Lena's name was misspelled on a bank loan. Lena kept the new spelling for her company. The headquarters for Lane Bryant is in Reynoldsburg, Ohio. As of 2005, Lane Bryant had 730 stores and employed 27,000 people. Lane Bryant is currently a subsidary of Charming Shoppes (NASDAQ: CHRS).

The Lane Bryant web site is a popular destination for today's busy women who have an eye for bargains, but have better things to do than spend the day at the mall. LaneBryant.com often runs specials and carries the intriguing Cacique line of intimate apparel. Please check the box below for any current promotions.

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