🠈  Starting the Infinite Doodle  🠊

start of the infinite doodle

The Infinite Doodle Starts with a Bang!

It is Mothers Day 2023! It is time to relaunch the infinite doodle.

I came up with the idea of an infinite doodle several decades ago.

An infinite doodle is a collection of interconnected doodles. Each tile of the doodle flows into the next doodle.

NOTE: I started the infinite doodle long before Kevin McCoy created the first NFT in 2014. Unfortunately, none of the people I spoke with saw potential in the doodle.

Any each tile in the doodle has a unique ID. The doodle will connect to other doodles in a binary tree. Every doodle will be connect to at least two doodles. There can be additional connections.

The NFT market creates a mechanism to monetize the doodle./p>

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