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On May 24, 2005, MidAmerican Energy Holdings Company announced the purchased of PacifiCorp. MidAmerican Energy Holdings, in turn, is owned by Warren Buffet's Bershire Hathaway. With the acquisition MidAmerican Energy Holdings will server 3 million electric and natural gas.

Subsidiaries of MidAmerican Energy Holdings include:


PacifiCorp is a major provider of electricity in the Western United States. They have a reported 1,569,831 customers spread throughout Utah, Oregon, Wyoming, Washington, Idaho and California. The utility focuses primarily on the generation and transmission of energy. PacifiCorp reports a capacity of 8,300 megawatts.

The present day company is an assemblage of many different concerns. The entity PacifiCorp itself came into being in 1984 (It's largest entity Pacific Power). In 1989, PacifiCorp merged with Utah Power. Utah Power & Light (UP&L) had its beginnings in 1881 when Salt Lake City became the fifth city in the world with central generate power.

Hoovers reports that in 2004 Pacificorp had 6,507 employees and sales of $3.2 billion. The charitable arm of PacifiCorp is the PacifiCorp Foundation.

In 1999, PacifiCorp merged with Scottish Power. In 2005, the unit was sold to MidAmerican Energy Holdings.

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