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Aaron's, Inc.

Aaron's Inc. is a rental company carrying furniture, appliances, computers and TVs.

The company was founded by R. Charles Loudermilk in 1955. It has since grown to over 1800 stores in 48 states. Corporate headquarters are in Atlanta, Ga. The company trades on the NYSE with the symbol: AAN.

An interesting aspect of Aaron's is that, through the years, the company has acquired a number of furniture manufacturing plants; So, the company builds and reconditions its own inventory.

Historical Highlights

Mr. Loudermilk began renting furniture, party products and items for sickrooms in 1955 while he worked at his parents' restaurant. He chose the name "Aaron's Rents" as it would be first in the phonebook. To negotiate rents, he would show potential customers items from shopping catalogs then run out and buy the product on negotiating the rental contract.

Here is a timeline. The data from 1955-1999 was drawn from Funding Universe.

Owners Can Track Inventory

The FTC Case brings up a subtle point about renting. Items rented are still part of the inventory of the rental agency. They have a right to track to things they own. The problem was the failure to disclose the tracking devices. As for spyware. Spyware is pretty much always wrong.

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