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Brookstone offers an online catalog with an eclectic collection of unique gifts and travel products. The company had stores in malls through the country but has reduced their retail footprint to stores in major airports.

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Brookstone's headquarters are in Peterborough, NH. The chain is currently owned by a partnership between Bluestar Alliance and Apex Digital.

Corporate History and Timeline

The company was founded with a $500 investment in 1965 by Pierre de Beaumont who loved to tinker at his New Hampshire farm. Pierre was the son of Count Fran├žois de Beaumont. He had worked as a mechanical engineer for Packard Motor Company. The farm was called Brookstone.

The company provided hard to find products for hobbyists. The company started with a single ad in Popular Mechanics. It then expanded to a catalog.

The company opened its first store, near its New Hampshire Distribution Center, in 1973. They attempted to expand throughout New England. They discovered that things that sold well in catalogs did not sell well in the stores. The company ended up with two different supply chains which became problematic as they expanded.

Quaker Oats acquired the firm in 1980 and expanded it into a chain with 150 stores primarily in malls and airports.

The company passed through a mix of owners and suffered two bankruptcies. Today the company offers an online catalog with unique products and operates a dozen or so airport shops.

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